PCB Design Tools

Tools and Methodologies

At EmLogic we value great tools and methodologies. Anything that can assist in bringing products to market faster, with a high level of confidence in the technical features, is likely worth the investment needed in tools and training.


Cadence Allegro

In line with this philosophy, and to support the development of an advanced medical product, our most recent project involved the use of Cadence Allegro for the PCB design. Known as one of the premium solutions today, the licensing cost is substantial, but proved worthwhile to the project. And the tool and experience gained can benefit any customer, especially those already invested in Cadence tools.

Other PCB design tools

Being an Embedded Design Centre supporting customers within a broad range of fields, EmLogic sees the benefit of adapting to specific tool-chains and requirements that a project calls for. Hence our HW engineers also have hands-on experience using various other PCB design tools such as Altium, OrCad, Eagle, and KiCad.