About EmLogic

EmLogic is a high quality Embedded Systems design centre in Norway. We specialise in Embedded Software, FPGA and Hardware, and we invest a lot in methodology improvement to assure that we provide the best possible service to our customers. EmLogic takes on any challenge from specification via design/implementation to verification and test. We also help our customers with reviews, sparring, methodology, courses and IP when requested. EmLogic believes in an honest and open relation with our customers.

We aim to build the leading expert community in this area and look for those who are or want to become experts in their field. EmLogic is based on the belief that we who work here are the company's most valuable resource. Therefore, everyone is invited to be an owner and help develop the best workplace they can think of; professionally, socially and future-oriented.

EmLogic was founded 1. January 2021 by Michal Koziel, Snorre Meland, Sven Ivar Mørch and Espen Tallaksen. The founders have deep knowledge and experience within Embedded Software, FPGA and Information Technology in general, and all have a successful history of founding similar companies during the past few years. EmLogic is a company in the TechSeed group.

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Company nameEmLogic AS
Postal address
Grindene 13
3409 Tranby
Visitor addressTBD in June 2021
Call for details
Phone(+47) 934 21 277
Managing DirectorEspen Tallaksen (934 21 277)
Organisation number926 408 739
Managing DirectorEspen Tallaksen (934 21 277)
Bank account1506.56.17738
IBAN: NO9515065617738