EmLogic’s commitment to partnering with diverse suppliers and vendors greatly benefits our customers.
This strategic approach ensures a broad spectrum of high-quality solutions, enabling us to tailor offerings precisely to your unique needs.
By collaborating with an array of experts in our field, we guarantee you access to the best-in-class products and services, all aimed at driving your success.

Space Partners

Teaming up with EmLogic for space endeavors is a strategic move that reaps multiple benefits. Our deep understanding of space-grade components and radiation-hardened design ensures your mission’s reliability. By partnering with us, you leverage our expertise to navigate the intricacies of space electronics, resulting in efficient development and successful space missions.

FPGA Technology Providers

Collaborating with various FPGA technology providers is a strategic decision that elevates the success of our customers’ projects.
By tapping into a diverse pool of expertise, we gain access to a wide range of solutions, ensuring we can select the best-fit technology for our customers specific needs.
This approach minimizes risk and maximizes innovation, setting the stage for a competitive edge in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
It diversifies our expertise and solutions, mitigating risks and ensuring a well-rounded approach that paves the way for optimal outcomes.

More technology partners are coming soon…

FPGA Simulations and verification tools

FPGA simulations and verification tools are essential components of modern design workflows. These tools enable engineers to comprehensively test and refine FPGA designs, ensuring functionality, reliability, and performance before deployment. In addition to these suppliers we use the world´s fastest growing tool for FPGA verification UVVM, which were initiated and created by one of our own FPGA designers in 2016, and are still maintained by EmLogic today, together with a 3rd party. 

PCB Production

Teaming up with two trusted national PCB suppliers is a smart move that offers reliability and flexibility for our customers projects. By collaborating with multiple suppliers, we ensure a stable supply chain and the ability to adapt to varying production demands. This strategic approach mitigates potential disruptions and guarantees top-quality PCBs, supporting the seamless realization of our customers electronic designs.

IoT Management Platform Partner

Qbee is a leading provider of B2B IoT device management solutions that empower businesses to easily deploy, manage, and monitor their device fleets at scale.
Their powerful SaaS solution allows you to bring innovative IoT projects to market without any delays or compromises on security.