Turnkey Solution Provider


We cover all areas required to make complete products for a diverse range of applications, either directly or through partnerships. We take pride in developing cost-efficient high quality embedded systems, and use modern methodologies, tools and technologies to achieve that goal.

Whether an idea requires ultra low power operation or complex algorithms and blazingly fast signal processing, we have the competency to select the ideal technology and create an optimum platform. We also have skilled project managers to ensure a result-driven, predictable, and transparent process.

Best Practice

We can run or participate in all stages of product development, from ideation and concept definition, via prototyping, design iterations, integration and user testing, to qualification, certification and industrialisation. We will work closely with either our own partners or those of our customers to ensure optimised designs for manufacturing and test, with product management keeping a keen eye on the life cycle cost.

Best practices, simulation and test automation form the foundation to successfully passing both functional and EMC requirements. And depending on the application, we may also do complete reliability assessments including MTBF, FMECA, HALT and HASS, performed at accredited labs.

Our Goal

Supporting sustainability, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of the products and solutions we develop. The choices we make should minimise energy consumption and waste, while promoting a long lifespan, repairability, and recycling.

Throughout the development phase, our target is to produce documentation of such quality that our customers are well equipped to handle further maintenance. We will of course happily assume that role as well, but there shall be no lock-in to us, other than the trust we hope to earn through any product development cycle.