Clusters & Sponsorship


Joining a cluster brings multifaceted advantages, fostering collaboration and growth. By being part of a community, we gain access to shared resources, knowledge, and networking opportunities, propelling innovation and market insight. Clusters also provide a platform for joint projects and partnerships, amplifying our reach and enhancing competitiveness in different industries.

We have joined several clusters in order to learn new skills, to meet other people with the same interest as us, to share resources and make new partners, and to make new friends. Two heads think better than one!  Beneath you will see some of the clusters we have joined.

The Norwegian Space Cluster


We love the fact that it is growing well in the Norwegian electronics community, not least within the space domain. It feels completely natural for us to be a contributor with both economic means and our expertise for the coming generations of electronics engineers. If you want EmLogic to be your sponsor, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  Her are some of the organisations we support!

Team Terra (Cansat)