Competence growth


EmLogic, a leading design centre for embedded systems in Norway, is getting an even more complete portfolio of designers to provide customers with better solutions. Our hardware team is expanding to offer more diversified support to include ASIC mixed signal projects in addition to better support for high-speed designs.

Rapid technology growth pushes designers to become isolated poles experts in remote fields, but we are to help with all types of challenges. High-speed data or clock signals are not anymore interpreted as safe digital ‘0’ or ‘1’ levels and regardless of the standard used for data transmission, they need to be handled as carefully as analog signals and treated properly at the transmitter and receiver side. Sometimes this requires good knowledge of RFIC/mixed mode design to understand what is going on under the plastic package of the chip and how different high-speed logic signals are generated or received.

Customer benefits

Our hardware team is increasing its capacity to support a wide variety of tasks ranging from high-speed PCB design, automating test and measurement setups for accuracy-sensitive and RF applications, to perform design, verification, and layout of mixed signal ASIC projects. This could include design and troubleshooting of different data converters, data transceivers, read-out systems, and their sub-blocks ranging from simple comparators to complicated PLLs. We help to know how external noise may affect your chip or different chips on your card and how they may affect the performance of each other.

Benefiting from our accumulative knowledge at EmLogic, covering a large part of the electronics production pipeline, we give our customers an edge over their competitors.