Trondheims office lab

Since its startup in 2021, EmLogic has grown from one employee to over 40 employees in less that three years. Most of these employees are in Asker and Oslo, but in January 2023 EmLogic opened an office in Trondheim, and the goal is to grow fast in Trondheim as well. The address is Krambugata 14 in the middle of Trondheim, in Midtbyen. The purpose of the office is to be able to better serve customers in Trondheim and its surrounding regions.



The Trondheim office started operations in January 2023 and there’s a great group of people working there with embedded software and FPGA. They have experience from the defense and space industry, microchip design, test design and IoT, among other sectors. Together they have many years of experience, which ranges individually from one year to over 15 years.

They are all part of developing EmLogic’s methodology. There are regular workshops both for embedded software and for FPGA that the team in Trondheim participates in remotely, as well as internal methodology projects.

The team arranges social gatherings that can include shuffleboard, escape rooms, bowling, barbeques, and other activities. The team in Trondheim also participate in EmLogic’s summer gatherings, skiing weekend, and Christmas parties in Asker/Oslo.


The laboratory is already operational, boasting brand new equipment, with larger pieces including a digital power supply, an oscilloscope with logic analyzer, soldering and re-work stations, microscope with digital camera and ESD protection equipment. This also includes smaller components and tools required to make an operational lab. The new equipment gives us capabilities for simple prototype assembly, re-work and soldering, debugging and testing. More equipment will be acquired when we identify a need to expand our capabilities.  

Mikkel examining a circuit board.


EmLogic looks forward to establishing many new relationships in the Trondheim region. Welcome to EmLogic’s new office in Trondheim!