I EmLogic

In the coming months we will introduce you to our talented employees, in a series we call "I EmLogic".

We are proud of EmLogic. We are proud to work here! For us, EmLogic is not just a job. EmLogic is what we are. Who we are:

We EmLogic!

Two who say I EmLogic!

Karl at Løvstakken, Bergen

Meet Karl Emil Sandvik Bohne!

Karl is one of the designers on our Hardware team. He has about four years of experience, with a focus on digital electronics, embedded development, FPGA, and with a background, among others in space travel. Likes clear interfaces and good documentation.

Outside the office, Karl likes to spend his time on music; where he is a capable guitarist. He loves food and drink (both in the kitchen and at the dining table), or in some activity that raises his heart rate; preferably on foot in nature but also on a bicycle seat or over / under a barbell.

I EmLogic!

Meet Espen Flo Eriksen!

Espen is our specialist within signal processing, and is our Principal DSP Designer. He has extensive experience with development in signal processing and implementation of DSP solutions. Espen has an extra focus on space systems and knows this segment well. 

Outside of work, outdoor life is often at the center and he likes to go on both short and long trips.

I EmLogic!

Espen at Hardangervidda – preparing for a Svalbard expedition.