I EmLogic

In the coming months we will introduce you to our talented employees, in a series we call "I EmLogic".

We are proud of EmLogic. We are proud to work here! For us, EmLogic is not just a job. EmLogic is what we are. Who we are:

We EmLogic!

Two who say I EmLogic!

Bahram in Mandal, after cycling from Asker, more than 300 km!

Meet Bahram Najafiuchevler!

Bahram is one of our Principals in the FPGA team and is also a part-time associate professor at NTNU where he currently is teaching “Design of Digital Systems II”.

Bahram likes outdoor activities, and he is particularly passionate about long-distance solo cycling. His scientific hobby is space and he enjoys watching the planets and stars with his telescope. After working hours, you will most probably find him on his bicycle, behind his telescope, stuck on the bouldering wall upside down and trying to find a way out, or busy making grilled food.

I EmLogic!

Meet Åsmund Braathen!

Åsmund is one of our principal FPGA/ASIC designers, based in Trondheim with a background in microcontroller development. With a passion for innovation, digital design and problem-solving Åsmund is excited about new challenges, and opportunities to learn new things.

Most of his free time is spent doing activities with his wife and 3 children. Åsmund is an avid runner, he loves being active and trying new things. He has recently started playing ice hockey.

I EmLogic!

Åsmund, ready for a hockey match!

Others who say I EmLogic!

Daniel at Stornasen, Sweden, on one of his many randonee trips!

Meet Daniel Blomkvist!

Daniel is one of the senior designers on our FPGA Team. He has solid experience and enjoys both design and verification.


When Daniel is not working, he spends time with his cohabitant and their soon-to-be two-year-old daughter. You can also come across him on a randonee trip or playing the computer game Counter-Strike.

I EmLogic!

Meet Chrisander Brønstad!

Chrisander is one of the developers in our Embedded Software Team. Chrisander’s background is in Embedded Software and Systems Engineering. He also has experience and great interest in machine learning and autonomous solutions.

In his spare time, Chrisander is a football and Formula 1 enthusiast. He loves fishing and is always searching for good lakes for trout fishing.

I EmLogic!

Chrisander at Jonsknuten, Kongsberg, on the pursuit of trout!

Karl at Løvstakken, Bergen

Meet Karl Emil Sandvik Bohne!

Karl is one of the designers on our Hardware team. He has about four years of experience, with a focus on digital electronics, embedded development, FPGA, and with a background, among others in space travel. Likes clear interfaces and good documentation.

Outside the office, Karl likes to spend his time on music; where he is a capable guitarist. He loves food and drink (both in the kitchen and at the dining table), or in some activity that raises his heart rate; preferably on foot in nature but also on a bicycle seat or over / under a barbell.

I EmLogic!

Meet Espen Flo Eriksen!

Espen is our specialist within signal processing, and is our Principal DSP Designer. He has extensive experience with development in signal processing and implementation of DSP solutions. Espen has an extra focus on space systems and knows this segment well. 

Outside of work, outdoor life is often at the center and he likes to go on both short and long trips.

I EmLogic!

Espen at Hardangervidda – preparing for a Svalbard expedition.

Andre at Finse.

Meet Andre Firing!

Andre is one of our seniors in the FPGA team. Andre has worked with a lot of different things, both with space travel and subsea. André actually has code that orbits the earth! He enjoys working with digital signal processing at the FPGA. 

When André is not working, he loves to go hiking and he enjoys fishing.


I EmLogic!

Meet Steffen Forså!

Steffen is one of our Principals in the FPGA team. Steffen started working with FPGAs in 2006 and has stuck to it ever since.

He was born and raised in Harstad, but now lives in Røyken with his wife, a child and a labrador.

Leisure time is mostly spent on activities with the family. Steffen tries to exercise often, and tries to make good and healthy food. It also happens that he tries his hand as a hobby mechanic or a hobby carpenter.

I EmLogic!

Steffen at the riverside in Drammen.

Svein Arne at Heggmotinden, Bodø. 

Meet Svein Arne Jervell Hansen!

Svein Arne is one of the principal designers on our FPGA Team, and is passionate about mentoring!


When he has time for his own hobbies Svein Arne is into music, and plays the flute! Most of his time is spent on  activities with his family which consists of his wife, two children and a puppy, in addition to Svein Arne himself.


Together, they enjoy going on trips, and they spend a lot of time out in the nature, on both shorter and longer journeys, mostly in Norway.

I EmLogic!

Meet Victor Johan Hansen!

Victor is one of the developers in our Embedded Software Team.
Victor’s background is in embedded software, system testing and automation, and he is an avid UNIX/Linux enthusiast.

In his sparetime Victor is interested in genealogy, medieval history, and hiking.

I EmLogic!

Victor at a peak in Lurøy, Nordland.

Kristian somewhere along the West Highland Way, Scotland. 

Meet Kristian Homdrom!

Kristian is one of the developers on our Embedded Software team. He has participated in developing systems using a wide range of technologies, tools and programming languages. 

He enjoys travelling with his cohabitant, and outdoor activities like hiking and hunting, as well as the never ending work of restoring a vintage car (VW Beetle 1300 from 1968), and tinkering with all sorts of things.

I EmLogic!

Meet Carl Peder Jansen!

Carl Peder is one of the designers in our FPGA team.
Carl Peder has experience within embedded systems development in defense and aerospace applications/systems and within health. 

He is generally a curious guy who likes to dig into how things work. In his spare time, there are a few things that come and go, such as music, sports, skiing and fly fishing. 

I EmLogic!

Carl Peder!

Muhammad in Stryn!

Meet Muhammad Uzair Kiani!

Muhammad is one of our Hardware Designers. He is an ambitious engineer, always looking to learn new aspects and open to new challenges.

Outside work, he likes to travel and explore new places. He enjoys grill parties and taking amazing photographs.

I EmLogic!

Meet Michal Koziel!

Michal is our Embedded Software Director and one of EmLogic’s founders. He is a Principal Embedded Software Developer, and is exceptionally competent. He has solid experience and is very passionate about methodology and architecture.

When Michal is not working, he is often found in a river, by a small lake or at sea – with a fly rod in his hand. Or you can, as the picture shows, find him in his own carpentry workshop.


I EmLogic!

Michal in his own carpentry workshop!

Meet Nikolai Overaae!

Nikolai is one of the developers in our Embedded Software Team. Nikolai eagerly follows technology news and likes to provide input on technical issues.

He thrives best in front of the computer, in a pub with a large beer selection or hiking somewhere in the nature.


I EmLogic!

Nikolai at the Bohemian Switzerland, in search of beer heaven!

Flemming and one of his laser engraved bottles!

Meet Flemming Richter Mikkelsen!

 Flemming is one of our Principals on the Embedded Software Team. He is a gadget nerd who trades most of the gadgets he comes across as long as they work with open software.

He engages in local hacker space community (maker space), where he, among other things, laser engraves bottles for his home brewed beer.

I EmLogic!

Meet Andreas Tornes!

Andreas is one of the senior developers in our Embedded Software Team. Andreas is a developer with broad project experience and a passion for methodology and architecture. He is an initiator who happily contributes where needed, and is involved in Emlogic’s internal IT team.

After work, Andreas is often found hiking in the mountains with his family and enjoys fishing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding.

I EmLogic!

Andreas and the family dog Cosinus, hiking at the family cabin!

Morten at Hillesøya, Troms!

Meet Morten Hauke Solvang!

Morten is one of the developers in our embedded software team.
He was introduced to embedded programming while working and studying in Germany, and is interested in understanding the full software stack used in modern embedded systems.

Outside of work, Morten can be found either with a guitar in hand or practicing at the piano.
He also enjoys a good game of Counter-strike.

I EmLogic!

Meet Kim Østenfor Spildrejorde!

Kim is a designer on our FPGA Team. He enjoys and has experience working on both design and verification. He is also the EmLogic Social Minister, responsible for organising our social events.

Kim is a life-long space enthusiast. For his master’s thesis he was part of the RIMFAX development team at FFI (The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment). In 2007, at the age of 16, he represented Norway at International Space Camp. Later, in  2009 and 2011, he witnessed the space Shuttle Discovery and space shuttle Atlantis launch on the missions STS-128 and STS-135, respectively.

He is also a passionate film music enthusiast, and is the Vice-President of the James Horner Film Music Association. In May 2022 he was Executive Producer and Music Arranger for the concert James Horner: The Emotionalist, in Szczecin, Poland. Not only was the concert sold out weeks in advance, but also had an online livestream audience of over 5000 people.

I EmLogic!

Kim and the legend John Williams!

Santiago indoor climbing in Drammen!

Meet Santiago Palomino Sanchez-Manjavacas!

Santiago is one of our Principals in FPGA Design, with wide knowledge of other fields, such as low level driver development for Linux and VxWorks, competence in hardware design, and system architecture. Santiago holds a certification for SW / HW design according to IEC61508, and years of experience in the Maritime industry and its requirements. Santiago also holds ISTQB certifications (CTAL-TTA and CTFL) and is not afraid of working with requirements or documentation.


In his spare time, Santiago enjoys time with his family, likes to play with new technologies, he relaxes with his woodworking tools in his basement, or goes out skiing or cycling in the nature.

I EmLogic!

Meet Joakim Østensen!

Joakim is our hardware director, and a principal hardware designer. He has a broad background from embedded development in both startups and large corporations.

Outside work, Joakim enjoys anything involving the sea. Summers are generally spent on his sailboat, while ice skating and cross-country skiing are favourite activities in winter time – this year to be supplemented by kayaking!

I EmLogic!

Joakim on his sailboat!

Eivind skiing in Hafjell!

Meet Eivind Tangen Haldorsen!

Eivind is one of the developers in our Embedded Software team. He enjoys new technology and developments that improve people’s quality of life. Especially so if he can create and implement new software, regardless of whether he is at work or at home.

In his spare time he likes to create electronic music and has done so for quite some time, which involves being creative and curious about new things! Eivind likes alpine skiing in the winter and prefers to spend the summertime in, or by the water, where he also likes to have skis on his feet!

I EmLogic!

Meet Christian Eberlein!

Christian is one of the senior developers in our embedded software team. He has a broad experience in developing embedded software as well as some FPGA projects.

Outside of work, Christian enjoys spending time in nature with his wife and dog. He likes all kind of sports, from football and bouldering to mountain biking. When he can’t go outside he enjoys playing guitar, drums and piano.

I EmLogic!

Christian somewhere in Telemark with his dog Aron!

Peter at Ulrikken, Bergen!

Meet Peter Louis Uller!

Peter is one of the junior designers on our FPGA Team. Freshly trained in microelectronics, Peter entered the FPGA world as this is something he finds very exciting. With a Bachelor’s degree in physics and a Master’s degree in microelectronics, he is particularly interested in space technology.

Otherwise, Peter is above average fond of music, and he enjoys discovering new music and going to concerts. He also plays a couple of instruments, but not well enough to let others hear it!
He is also very fond of all types of games and it is something he spends a lot of time doing. Whether it’s card games, role-playing games or video games doesn’t matter.

I EmLogic!

Meet Mikael Frogum!

A master of Embedded Software’s art
With skills that do surely impart
Mikael stands tall, a true ace
In the world of industrial control, a familiar face

A decade of experience, now that’s a feat
In both hardware and software, he’s certainly elite
Linux, IoT, RTOS, and bare-metal too
All part of his knowledge, that’s both broad and true

Volume electronics, his specialty
A valuable contribution, a great legacy
And when work is done, and day turns to night
Mikael heads outdoors, to enjoy some new sight

Orienteering and skiing, his favorite pastime
An adventurous spirit, truly divine
And when he’s home, his garden’s his joy
Growing popcorn, a hobby he’ll never avoid

I EmLogic!

Mikael aka “The Poet” in his backyard, growing popcorn!

Christoffer at Preikestolen!

Meet Christoffer Boothby!

Christoffer is one of the FPGA Designers at EmLogic. A high interest in space technology pushed him into the field first at UiT Narvik with a Bachelors in Satellite Technology. Followed up by a MSc in Electronic System Design at NTNU. Having participated in several space projects in Norway, such as launching of the sounding rocket in the G-Chaser project. As well as participating on the FPGA project with the successful satellite HYPSO-1 at NTNU. His favorite programming language is Rust and wish to practice it more in his spare time.

When Christoffer is not working, he enjoys playing video games with his friends. He likes to work on various hobby projects and constantly learn something new.

Recently he has started collecting LP records of various music categories that he enjoys. Such as metal, rock, punk and hip-hop. You can often find him at the gym building the “EmLogic” strength.

I EmLogic!

Sometimes life can be like being on a seesaw, this applies to both private and professional life.
Balance is important. Not only important, it is absolutely crucial!
At EmLogic, we try to balance life as best we can. Both within the company, and towards our customers.