The leading

FPGA Design Centre

in Norway and Scandinavia

Bold claim?

Lots of design centres are claiming that they are the leading or best within for instance a given region. But somehow they don't explain how they can claim this.

At EmLogic we want to be honest and open about our claim, which is why we explain and justify how we can claim to be the leading design centre for FPGA development in Norway and Scandinavia.

EmLogic is the only FPGA DC in Scandinavia to

do FPGA design and verification courses internationally

regularly present technical presentations on large international conferences

regularly hold technical presentations at international vendor webinars

regularly present at other webinars and conferences world-wide

give guest lectures at the main national universities

EmLogic has

one of the highest number of FPGA designers

to our knowledge the highest average FPGA development experience


The world-wide #1 FPGA VHDL verification methodology – was invented, architected, and developed by EmLogic’s Director for FPGA and Space (also CEO), who is still the main architect for UVVM

EmLogic is today maintaining and developing UVVM further – in cooperation with ESA (the European Space Agency) and a UVVM partner company


an annual two-day event in Trondheim in Norway

one of the largest FPGA conferences in Europe

initiated by EmLogic’s CEO 16 years ago

EmLogic’s CEO is the chair of the FPGA-forum

FPGA design and verification methodology

We develop FPGA design and verification methodology to improve development efficiency and product quality.

We are also discussing such improvement with partners like Siemens EDA and ESA, and sharing it with our customer partners.

At the core of Embedded System

At EmLogic we have solid expertise and extensive experience within several domains.

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