Automating U-Boot development and testing workflow

Developing and testing changes to U-Boot can be a tedious and manual process if you constantly have to disconnect and update the boot storage medium used for every change. A more convenient approach with a shorter feedback loop is to upload the changes directly to the target’s memory or even file system while the target […]

Leveraging your Yocto Project with EmLogic

When designing and building a custom Embedded Linux image, leveraging existing components like bootloaders, kernels, and libraries from open-source projects is advantageous. Simply downloading and creating an image from needed packages isn’t ideal. This is due to the troubles that arise with build-time and run-time dependencies, along with the fact that mastering cross-compilation for the […]

Wi-Fi sniffing with Wireshark

Introduction Ever wondered how Wi-Fi really works? There’s a cool feature called “monitor mode” which enables you to peek behind the scenes of Wi-Fi networks. Think of it like having superpowers for your Wi-Fi adapter. In this article, I will explain what “monitor mode” is, and show you how it can be your secret weapon […]

D-Bus and Embedded Linux

D-Bus is an interprocess communication standard (IPC). Different processes can communicate with each other using D-Bus, either using remote procedure calls (RPC, one-to-one communication) or through signals (one-to-many communication). The standard specifies how data is encoded and transferred, allowing programs written in different programming languages to communicate. Fundamentally D-Bus is user-space technology, i.e. it does […]

Empowering Embedded Software Development with TinyML: Machine Learning at the Edge

The demand for intelligent and efficient autonomous systems has never been greater. Industries seek to leverage on the potential of Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and Edge Computing. However, traditional Machine Learning systems require substantial computational resources, thereby limiting their applicability in Edge Computing scenarios. To tackle this challenge, the arrival of TinyML […]

IoT prototyping in ThingsBoard

Getting started with the prototyping Thingsboard is an IoT platform that has gained more traction recently, boasting customers such as T-Mobile and Bosch. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities while still showing signs of being a product in development. They offer services from real-time data visualization, provisioning, device management, rule chains, and […]


Angle-Of-Arrival – An internal project Keeping track of all the Bluetooth devices that exist today may not seem like an easy task. We use headsets, mobile phones, keyboards and office equipment which all communicate with each other wirelessly. You probably have one or more devices connected at this very moment. What if we could utilize these […]