Solar Technology & Panel Operation

Download this White Paper as PDF. Circuit model The first step in understanding the electrical operation of solar panels is to see how a single photovoltaic (PV) cell is modeled. This is presented in Figure 1, where the main elements are the current source and the diode, (more simplistic models omit the resistors altogether). The […]

Understanding USB Battery Charging 1.2

Introduction USB BC 1.2 stands for “USB Battery Charging 1.2,” established as a standard by the USB-IF Association in October 2010. USB BC had a preceding version, USB BC 1.1, which was unveiled in 2009. In adherence to the USB-IF Battery Charging Specification, precise current limits and protocols are established. These specifications facilitate portable devices […]

Empowering Innovation with Flexible Printed Circuits

Flex PCB Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs) have emerged as a useful technology in electronics industry, offering new possibilities of design and functionality. With their ultra-thin substrates and remarkable flexibility, these boards have revolutionized the landscape of electronic devices. In this article, we will delve into the concept of Flex PCBs, explore their various types, highlight […]

Electronics on the Frontier

Electronics on the Frontier Outer space poses unique challenges in electronics design; the dangers of cosmic rays and stray particles are ever present, and the near impossibility of in-flight maintenance means that dependability is the name of the game. Our planet’s magnetic field that largely shield us[1] is absent in deep space, exposing crafts to […]

Competence growth

Expanding EmLogic, a leading design centre for embedded systems in Norway, is getting an even more complete portfolio of designers to provide customers with better solutions. Our hardware team is expanding to offer more diversified support to include ASIC mixed signal projects in addition to better support for high-speed designs. Rapid technology growth pushes designers […]

Brand new electronics laboratory

Equipment Our brand new electronics laboratory is equipped to handle several measurement, test, and prototyping needs. It is ESD safe, ensuring that sensitive electronics are protected from electrostatic discharge, and kitted with modern measurement- and test equipment. Capabilities At EmLogic we are able to test and verify many aspects related to the performance of your […]

PCB Design Tools

Tools and Methodologies At EmLogic we value great tools and methodologies. Anything that can assist in bringing products to market faster, with a high level of confidence in the technical features, is likely worth the investment needed in tools and training.   Cadence Allegro In line with this philosophy, and to support the development of […]